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WMCS-USA, Inc. was formed in 1991 as the USA chapter of the World Master Chefs Society, a London based organization founded in 1954 by Chef Jean Conil with chapters in more than 50 countries. This prestigious organization of professional chefs is highly regarded throughout the global industry for their professionalism & integrity. The USA chapter has been recognized for excellence in culinary competitions in 12 countries, across 4 continents. The three guiding principles that WMCS-USA, Inc. was founded on are International Competition, Education and Philanthropy. Our goal is to help our members grow through education; sharpen their skills through competitions while giving back to the global community through philanthropic works. Visit our website and social media to keep up with the latest events and meet our chefs!

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WMCS is a professional culinary society based on education, expertise, passion and community.


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